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GoHealth: Your personal health insurance shopper

With only three weeks left of Open Enrollment, many people are wondering how to save money on health coverage. In fact, one of the biggest questions this season is: How do I find the most affordable health coverage?

With various health plans to choose from, selecting a plan can be overwhelming and the process can seem intimidating.

That’s where GoHealth comes in. GoHealth is here to help you make the right decisions regarding your health insurance. At GoHealth, our licensed health insurance agents understand that health insurance is not one-size-fits all. Unlike other health insurance enrollment sites, GoHealth’s agents are able to make recommendations based on your unique situation to find you a plan that fits your health needs and your budget. You can think of GoHealth as your personal health insurance shopper.

Are your ready to start saving money on health insurance? Check purchasing health insurance off of your holiday to-do list and call to speak with a GoHealth agent today: (866) 909-0798.

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