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How do I enroll in health insurance?

The 2018 Open Enrollment Period begins today! Remember, this year’s window to enroll in health coverage is six weeks shorter than last year. In order to find the cheapest plan available to you, you must enroll before December 15.

Worried you won’t be able to get coverage? Are you busy taking care of kids, working late nights, or working the night shift? Don’t worry, our hours and options can work for you.

Want more information about Open Enrollment? Below, we answer important Open Enrollment questions to get you up to speed on all things health insurance.


What do I need to do before I call to enroll in a plan?

Before you call to enroll in a plan, it’s a good idea to have your family’s personal information available and ready, including social security numbers, birth dates, and immigration papers, if necessary. In addition, you’ll need to provide your employer information and a tax return from last year.


Can I afford a health insurance plan in 2018?

It’s important to remember there are various plan options to choose from. If you want to avoid the tax penalty, enrolling in a major medical plan that covers the 10 essential health benefits and pre-existing conditions could be your most affordable option. However, if you need temporary coverage or want help affording health care costs, a short-term plan or health benefit insurance might be right for you. To talk through your options with a GoHealth licensed agent, call 866-909-0798.


What important dates should I mark on my calendar?

Open Enrollment 2018 is six weeks shorter than last year. The most important date to remember is December 15, 2017. This is the last day to enroll in coverage that begins in January 2018. If you have questions about which coverage is right for you and your family, don’t wait until the last day to call. A GoHealth licensed agent can help you today. Call 866-909-0798 for help selecting a plan.


Who can help me find the most affordable coverage? 

GoHealth licensed agents can offer you advice based on your personal situation. To start the process today, call GoHealth at 866-909-0798.

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