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How to use your Obamacare plan

by Brooke Jarchow

Now that you have health insurance, you should be able to access the coverage you need when you need it. Even if you don’t need to see a doctor today, it’s important to activate your coverage so you can take advantage of its benefits in the future. There are many ways to take advantage of your health care benefits to save money and stay healthy. Below, we outline the steps you can follow to use your plan. pexels-photo-160096

Pay your monthly premium

Have you paid your premium? To activate your health insurance, you must pay your first month’s premium to your insurance provider. Delaying this step might delay your coverage. Additionally, add a friendly reminder to pay your premiums monthly so that you stay covered. It’s good practice to follow up with your insurance provider to make sure they received your payment in time.

Make an appointment

Do you only visit the doctor when you are sick? With health insurance, it’s a good idea to make routine visits to your doctor for a check-up even if you feel healthy. Many times, diseases like cancer and diabetes that may not show symptoms are discovered in the early stages during annual check-ups.  Taking preventive measures such as annual check-ups could save your life.

With health insurance, you can find a primary care doctor who you can see regularly whether you’re sick or not.  To find a provider, check your plan’s provider network online or by contacting the insurance company’s member services office.

Fill your prescriptions

Have you shied away from prescription medications due to their expensive costs? With health coverage, prescription medications are covered as part of the 10 Essential Health Benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Prescription medications can help cure illnesses that may not go away or get better without treatment. Go ahead, fill those prescriptions!

It’s important to remember that your health insurance is a great tool for you to access better health care and cost-saving benefits. You can get started today by paying your premium and making your first appointment with your doctor.

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