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How therapy can help kids cope with bullying

Over the past several years, modern-day bullying – cyberbullying – has increased due to easy access to the Internet and social media platforms. Bullying is most common for school aged children, and can greatly impact self-esteem and even interfere with social and intellectual development.

If you suspect your child is being bullied, or that your child may be bullying, counseling or therapy could help. Therapy offers a safe place to express feelings of anger, shame, anxiety, isolation, and more. In therapy, bullies may begin to understand the impact of their bullying and can learn how to better communicate with their peers.

Under the Affordable Care Act, all Marketplace health plans must cover behavioral health treatment, including counseling and therapy as well as substance abuse treatment. The Affordable Care Act also includes “mental health parity,” which means mental health services must be treated equally to physical health services.  To find out the details of your mental health coverage and where you can find a therapist in your network, you can check your plan description, visit your insurer’s online portal or call to speak with an agent directly.

If your insurance does not cover therapy, you still have options. Some counselors and therapists do not require insurance coverage for treatment, and you can pay out-of-pocket for each session. In addition to paying privately for counseling, you can reach out to community health providers for treatment. Community treatment centers often offer low-cost options for therapy in your area.

If you’re worried about your child being bullied or bullying others, there are many alternative ways to address the situation at home. However, keep in mind that seeking professional help through counseling or therapy may also be an affordable and effective resource.

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