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GoHealth acquires Connected Benefits to move into group insurance

by Lauren Mandel

Late last week, GoHealth announced its acquisition of Connected Benefits, a provider of employee benefits management software and group insurance solutions. The reason for the acquisition? GoHealth will now offer a seamless marketplace solution to address the growing health insurance needs of both individuals and employers. Facebook - jan tax penalty

In the United States, 90 percent of workers are at a company that offers health benefits to at least some employees. Average annual premiums are also rising at more than double the rate of employee wages, and individuals who do not have access to employer-sponsored coverage may struggle to afford it on their own. Employers and brokers need a platform that is easy to understand, quick to implement, and offers affordable employee health benefits.

GoHealth’s new all-in-one technology platform will enable brokers to help employers establish employee benefit levels, access available tax subsidies, determine their employer contributions, offer voluntary products such as disability, and implement their chosen benefits quickly and accurately.

GoHealth CEO, Clint Jones, said he’s “confident that our innovative technology platform will help employers better navigate changes in the health care industry.”

You can read the full announcement and more about the acquisition here.

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